Neuropathy Treatments
Dr. Shaoulian was able to diagnose my problem where others couldn’t.
He prescribed a systemic therapy which proved to be quite successful. Once completely debilitated, I feel there is hope.
He really helped me. Thanks so much.
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Treatments of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple Sclerosis treatment CA

Multiple Sclerosis





Disease modifying drugs:

The use of these medications reduces the number of relapses and the progression of disease. The important thing to note is that since these medications reduce the rate of relapses and are not thought of as reversing the disease, the sooner that the patient starts these medications the better the benefits are.
All of the medications for Multiple Sclerosis that are classified as disease modifying have to be injected. Avonex is injected into the muscle once a week. Betaseron is injected under the skin every other day. Copaxone is injected under the skin once a day.

What if the Disease Modifying Drugs Don't Work?

We are now trying other medications for MS that alter the immune system with success in reducing the advancement of disease and in some cases partially reversing the symptoms. Most of the medications we use for MS are known to have a very safe profile when used properly by an expert. Most of our patients have had very minimal side effects if any.







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