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The following are testimonials gathered from some of our patients.  All the patients have neuropathy and some have CIDP.


My experience with Dr. Shaoulian and his staff. Ms Faye was life saving. I was suffering from CIDP for five and a half years. The doctors in San Diego were not able to find an answer to physical deterioration and I was not given any hope for recovery. I knew I needed to continue my own search. I was not going to continue my life with no answers and in agonizing pain.

On my first telephone call to Dr Shaoulian's office I was greeted by Ms Faye. She was very pleasant and helpful. She was quick to assist me and it seemed like she was eager to help me. I was very thankful because that was not the service I received in San Diego.

I was very nervous the day of my appointment with Dr .Shaoulian. From the moment he walked into the exam room I felt at ease. Dr. Shaoulian attentively listened to my concerns and again that was not the treatment. I received in San Diego. Dr shaoulian performed his examination and gave me an answer to my health issue. I finally received answers to my questions and concerns.

I am being treated for CIDP and getting IVIG treatment. I am feeling better and getting stronger everyday. Over all my experience with Dr. Shaoulian and his staff has been excellent. I am extremely happy and relieve to be in Dr. Shaoulians care. I am hopeful to a better quality of life.


About 2 and half years ago I started having terrible pains in my feet. It got continually worse and started moving up my legs until it reached my waist. It also was in my hands and arms. The pain was horrific as I felt like I had barbed wire wrapped around me.

All the doctors I saw said it was neuropathy and there was no cure or treatment. The only solution they could offer was pain pills, basically heavy narcotics which also were not working very well anymore. I found Dr Shaolian after a desperate search for help and within 2 hours of my first visit I was diagnosed with CIDP. The course of treatment was IVIG. I am now getting better and there is hope for a normal life. I have a ways to go but I know I will get back to normal. If you have Nerve pain with trouble walking Dr. Shaoulian is the only Doctor in Los Angeles who I think understands how to treat this disease. Don’t settle for your doctor telling you there is no treatment for this because I can tell you there definitely is.


I was introduced to Dr. Shaoulian through an ad in the Los Angels Times. I was anxious to find someone who was experienced with my complaints and able to remedy my constant pain especially in my hands and feet. When I presented I had to walk with the assistance of a cane.

On my first visit he performed a nerve conduction study which resulted with a primary diagnosis of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP).

I was very impressed with his knowledge of my condition and rapid treatment plan. I began a treatment of IVIG and have experienced significant relief of my many symptoms and am happy to report that I am no longer walking with a cane.

He and his staff are compassionate and dedicated to the wellness of their patients and his thorough knowledge of neurological disorders is admirable. I would not hesitate and highly recommend Dr. Shaoulian for any related neurological disorders.


I hobbled in the door of Dr, Shaoulian's office several months ago without many expectations. My neuropathy was incredibly painful and debilitating and my balance was terrible. I was an unhappy person with a grim outlook on my own chances of ever feeling chipper again. I had no sensations in my legs below the knees except alternating stabs that felt like nails were pounding into my legs and feet and strong electrical shocks like lightening bolts. The cane I used barely got me across the room. I met with Dr.Shaoulian for about 45 minutes, he hooked me up to some strange machine that measured my nerve responses.Then told me that I had something called C.I.D.P.(Google it!)and that I needed infusions of some serum called "immunoglobulin" (Google that too!). He told me that twice a week would be best and that I should feel some real relief in a month or two.I went to visit my regular doctor and explained what little I knew to get his approval. He had heard of the treatment but had not heard of many positive results, so he was understandably skeptical. So, I too was doubtful but my regular doctor urged me to give it a shot. I don't think my doctor ever heard of this treatment as an ongoing therapy but as a single dosage regimen, which then has zero chance to really work on a guy like me.

How was he to know anyway? Neuropathy was not the focus of his education. However, it was for Dr. Shaoulian.When I could fit my appointments into my schedule I'd come twice a week, with many weeks at first showing up only once. Each infusion appointment would take about two hours. I always bring something to read, where some of the people undergoing the same treatment bring along a relative, spouse or hand held device to play a movie. Slowly, I began to get to know a bunch of really cool people, the good doctor, his very friendly assistant, Fay and the other patients undergoing the same remedy. Who in the world wants to hear about your aches and pains anyway, huh? Well the other people in that room have similar stories and don't mind hearing yours.So after about two months, feeling started to return in my upper calf. Slowly, the nerves started to heal all the way down to my ankles. I no longer use a cane and my balance is mostly back to normal. I've got bad days now and then, but most days are pretty darn good. I walk more and I can walk even more!This is still an ongoing treatment for me and I really need it to continue it to achieve a better and better me. Soon, I'll get all the nerves healed in my feet as well. I look forward to that day.

Henry L

After a year of intense foot pain I was not confident that you could help me. Boy was I wrong, after just a month of medication my condition was so much better. Now I dont use pain medicine or ice on a daily basis like before. You are great. If I ever need to refer someone to you, I would not hesitate.

B. Harmon H, Ph.D.

I want to thank you for the wonderful care you have provided to me and to my wife. When I met you I was at times in a wheelchair; I had a walker in the car, the garage, and one on every floor of the house. Now I can walk adequately with only the help of an ankle support. The pain in my hands is reduced 50%, and the medicines I take are reduced 70%. You discovered a very modern treatment, originally for another disease, and modified the program to create a cure for me. I have a life again.

You are so informed as a neurologist. You listened carefully to my medical complaints. You asked just the right questions, too. You really are the nerve doctor. The treatment plan you created included various therapies for my condition. The three medications you provided solved my problems.

Your sensitivity ranges from using your EMG machine to your listening capacity during clinical interviews, and examinations. Feel free to offer my email address or phone number to any patient so that I may recommend treatment by you. And, again, Thank You.

Ronald S., Ph.D.

I want to put into writing what I have already told you face-to-face.  I am so grateful for your expertise as a diagnostician.  At our first consultation you knew that three other M.D.’s had diagnosed me with Peripheral Neuropathy.  I will always remember my sense of relief when you said: “You don’t have neuropathy.”  Your alternative diagnosis was confirmed and because of your recommendations my symptoms have lessened by more than 50%. I also appreciate the very personal, caring way you relate to me as your patient.

Dina N.

Dear Dr. Shaoulian:

I am writing to let you know how grateful I am to have found you.  As you know, I have been suffering from chronic pain for approximately four years now. I have been to countless doctors, undergone countless tests, some quite invasive, and have taken countless medications over that time, including blood infusions, all to no avail.  It has now been only weeks since our first visit and I am already feeling better.

I also want to thank your assistant for her efficiency.  Fary was courteous, thorough and called me, as I requested, if there was a cancellation for an earlier appointment.  Although I was originally given an appointment for an office visit within one week of calling your office, Fary was kind enough to call me within days of my first call and gave me an earlier appointment as another patient, thankfully, had to reschedule.

After so many years of pain, seeing so many different physicians, taking so many medications and undergoing so many tests, it is simply amazing that I am feeling so much better is such a short period of time. No more daily shots, no more blood infusions, no more biopsies, MRI’s, x-rays, etc.

You and your office have truly been a breath of fresh air. 

Thank you Dr. Shaoulian.

Mike C.

Dr. Shaoulian was able to diagnose my problem where others couldn’t. He prescribed a systemic therapy which proved to be quite successful. Once completely debilitated, I feel there is hope. He really helped me. Thanks so much.

PS Fariba, his receptionist, was always friendly and helpful.

Fritz H

My name is Fritz H. and I started to see Dr. Natan Shaoulian about 6 months ago.  When I first started to see him I had intense pain and tingling in both feet.  Now the pain is gone and the tingling is substantially reduced. I believe Dr. Shaoulian has helped me greatly.


Our office saw Mr. M.S. for severe neuropathic pain in his arm from nerve injury.

I was a patient of Dr. Natan Shaoulian. I arrived in great pain which at times was almost unbearable. Dr. Shaoulian was a good person. He got to the root of my pain. He and his staff did everything to repair my arm and elbow. I am in no pain as of today. He is a very good Neurologist. I am very thankful to him and to his staff. 

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