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Neuropathy Diagnosis

Proper Diagnosis is Key to Successful Treatment

Dr. Shaoulian was able to diagnose my problem where others couldn’t. He prescribed a systemic therapy which proved to be quite successful. Once completely debilitated, I feel there is hope. He really helped me.
Thanks so much.

Diagnosis of Neuropathy

In order to provide the proper treatment a proper diagnosis of Neuropathy has to be made.  One of the important diagnostic techniques that we specialize in is EMG nerve conduction study.  With this test, the nerves are tested and we could find out which nerves are affected, which part of the nerve is not working, the severity of the disease, and we get an idea of what disease process is causing the problem. This is a very important test for making the properdiagnosis of neuropathy when done appropriately. Based on the EMG nerve conduction study, we perform additional testing for the diagnosis. Blood tests are done testing for a wide variety of diseases. At times imaging like MRIs are preformed.  Depending on these studies, the proper diagnosis of neuropathy is made and a treatment plan could be designed.

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Neuropathy Treatments