Causes of CIDP

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Causes of CIDP

CIDP is Caused by an Autoimmune
Disease of the Nerves

CIDP Treatment

CIDP is One of the Most Treatable Types of Neuropathy

Early treatment improves the chances of recovery.

The cause of CIDP is an autoimmune disease of the peripheral nerves. During infancy the body's immune system learns to differentiate between self and non-self. This means that normally the body knows not to attack itself; It also recognizes when a foreign object like a virus or a bacteria has entered the body which needs to be destroyed. In autoimmune diseases, the recognition of self is lost and the body attacks itself. In CIDP the nerves of the body are seen as a foreign and attacked. If this occurs acutely then the illness is called Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome é and if it becomes chronic then it is called Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy or CIDP.

A nerve is very similar to a wire. Just like a wire, the nerves work with electrical impulses. In a wire there is the copper portion that transmits the electrical signal and there is also a plastic insulation around the copper wire. In the nervous sysytme, the nerve itself acts like the copper wire, and there is an insulation around the nerve that is called the myelin sheath. In CIDP, it is the myelin sheath that is injured first and in the later stages of the disease the nerve could also be attacked. Compared to the nerve iteslf, the myelin sheath has a much better regeneration potential. It is important to start treatment early when only the myelin is damaged and the nerve is healthy as chances of recovery are much better. If the nerve iteslf is damaged then recovery tends to take longer and full recovery is more difficult.

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Symptoms of CIDP
I was anxious to find someone who was experienced with my complaints and able to remedy my constant pain especially in my hands and feet. When I presented I had to walk with the assistance of a cane. On my first visit he performed a nerve conduction study which resulted with a primary diagnosis of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). I was very impressed with his knowledge of my condition and rapid treatment plan. I began a treatment of IVIG and have experienced significant relief of my many symptoms and am happy to report that I am no longer walking with a cane.